After much contemplation regarding which route I wanted to take for our “altar” – I finally decided upon reviving an old dresser after being inspired by…guess who…good ol’ Pinterest. I just loved the open drawers stuffed with flowers and the fact that once the wedding has come and gone I would still have a piece of furniture in my home that would forever remind me of that day.

My sister in law spotted this gem on Craigslist. It’s a 70’s remake of a French Provincial dresser and we were able to snag it for much less than expected (always a win). So we hauled it over to Grandma’s and began the redux.

The yellow speckled white had to be repainted so my SIL (sister in law) and I spent an afternoon using Annie Sloan’s “Old White” chalk paint after giving it a good sanding. Thankfully my SIL had an electric sander – that could have been a lonnnnng day.

After the paint dried, we got back in a couple weeks later and taped off the bottom portion to be painted with Metallic Daly’s paint.

We also gave the removed the drawer pulls to give them a good coat of Rustoleum’s metallic gold for good measure.

Lastly – we gave it a good wax to  prevent scratches and reduce wear and tear.

It was beautiful day of and I still find it just as beautiful in our home! Plus the experience of making it yourself and the benefit of seeing the finished product on your wedding day is both exciting and fulfilling.

 photo (1)



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