{wedding arches – DIY or BUY?}

Stunning Wedding ArchEric Ronald Photography


Darling guest post via WeddingParty.com


There are so many details that go into planning a memorable wedding. We are here to remind you of something that will make your ceremony beautiful and unforgettable: a gorgeous wedding arch of course! As you walk down the aisle you will love having gorgeous flowers or flowing cloth and rustic wood to frame your memorable moment. It will be a little taste of your style that will stand out in photos for years to come.

Once you have decided that you would like a wedding arch to be a part of your ceremony, you need to figure out exactly how to get one. There are several options, one is to purchase a wedding arch and then decorate it yourself with flowers. You can also rent a wedding arch (often times from the place you’re renting tables and chairs) and you or your florist can decorate it.  Some venues will already have an arch on their property that you can decorate yourself, which will really save you money. Remember though, if you do purchase your own arch you can put it in your backyard later as a constant reminder of your incredibly special big day!

To get a look like the one pictured above you can purchase a metal arch for around $85.00. Then either you or your florist can cover it in beautiful white, pink, and red roses (with a few spray painted gold). You can also rent a metal arch from a rental company for around $40, and decorate it yourself, creating a beautiful fall look while staying within your budget!

Stunning Wedding Arch

Stunning Wedding Arch

Tessa Barton Photography

Stunning Wedding Arch

Kristyn Hogan via Southern Weddings

The gorgeous arches featured above use a metal arch base for a classic and elegant look. Again you can rent or buy your arch and decorate it yourself or opt to have your florist do it. Your florist may offer an array of options depending on your budget. We love both the sunflower arch, and the rusted metal one with bright pops of pink flowers for a stunning pop of color.

Stunning Wedding Arch

These beautiful birch poles are available for purchase on Etsy for $79.95. After purchasing the poles you can then attach your own flowers with clear fishing thread, keeping this arch very budget friendly! We love the rustic look that the birch poles create with beautiful flowers for a stunning burst of color.

Stunning Wedding Arch

Nicole Chatham Photography Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Natural wood as a base for a wedding arch creates a more rustic whimsical look for your ceremony. We love the white and pink flowers with the brown rustic branches that create a truly unforgettable ceremony backdrop.

Stunning Wedding Arch

Mirelle Carmichael Photography via Style Me Pretty

Stunning Wedding Arch

Artsinfotos Photography via Confetti Daydreams

Stunning Wedding Arch

Sonya Khegay via Mrs 2 Be

For a more classic look you can use an elegant wood base for your wedding arch. You can purchase a wood base for around $179.00 or look for a more affordable rental option. You can also drape gorgeous flowing fabric over your wedding arch to create an ethereal ceremony style.

Stunning Wedding Arch

Lindsay Madden Photography Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

These gorgeous willow branches create a simple, elegant arch. With flower pots and beautiful hydrangeas on either side, this more untraditional wedding arch is sure to leave guests in awe of your ceremony.

Stunning Wedding Arch

KT Merry Photography via Style Me Pretty

You can always go for a style like this garland featured above. Leaves are a more affordable option to flower covered arches and without the arch base you are sure to save money as well as look incredibly stylish!

*Post originally published on WeddingParty.com


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